Beta Alanine 500g

Beta Alanine 500g

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Matrix Nutrition Beta Alanine 500g is a pure Beta Alanine supplement that is perfect for those looking to increase exercise performance capacity and reduce muscle fatigue. 

Directions: we recommend taking Beta Alanine every day, approx 30 - 45 mins before training. Allowing the supplement to work for between 1 - 2 hours after it's absorbed. Even on rest days it's important to carry on consuming to maintain muscle carnosine levels. 

A great tip is to consume with creatine at the same time, you can add to shakes, pre-workouts, bcaa's or juice / squash. 

Ingredients: 100% pure Beta Alanine. 

Container size: 500g 

Serving size: 5g

Servings per container: 100