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New Matrix HMB is primarily used as an anti-catabolic amino acid and also helps with muscle protein synthesis. From just £10.99

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Protein Powders

Protein powder is the undisputed gym going king of sports supplements.

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More food in, less calories burned = weight gain. Less food in, more calories burned = weight loss.

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AmiNO Energy
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Anabolic Gold Protein Powder


From £15.99 £0.80/Serving

Whey Matrix Protein Powder


From £9.99 £0.50/Serving

High Protein Flapjacks x 24


£18.99 £0.79/Serving

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Rule Your Goals.

Our range of affordable protein powders and selection of tasty protein flapjacks means there is something for every goal. Whether you are looking for help with fat loss, or just need some creatine powder, then we've got you covered. There's a huge selection of supps available, with more and more added all the time.

We sell direct, and don't waste money on OTT advertising that inflates our costs. That means low prices, without a compromise on quality.

All products contain only the most essential ingredients in the correct dosages, and carry certificates of analysis for peace of mind. If you ever need help, get in touch with us, and if you fancy showing off what you've ordered, why not #SnapYourStack?

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