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Is Kong Testosterone Booster suitable for women?

In short, no. We do not recommend that Kong© is taken by women, nor will females feel any benefit from it. It is a product designed to booster the testosterone of males, and therefore increase muscle mass.

How do you use creatine powder?

Though we try to make the instructions as clear as possible from time to time, we do understand that things can be confusing at times!

With creatine monohydrate you need to break it down like this...

  • 4 x 5g servings for 5 days (that's your loading phase)
  • Then 5g a day for 2-3 months.

You can take it any time of the day, and it mixes with pretty much anything!

For more info see here.

Can I take two products together?

This depends on what you are taking. Most of our products are designed to be taken together. However, you don't need, and it isn't advised, to take multiple servings of a pre-workout for example.

As there are so many product combinations, if you are unsure, feel free to drop us a message via email, phone or social media.

Is Diet Whey Matrix a meal replacement?

This largely depends on your diet, and your goals. We advise that all our supplements should be taken in line with a healthy diet, making sure to get as much in the way of nutrients from food as possible. This is why they are called supplements .

We designed Diet Whey Matrix as a way of helping its users develop lean muscle mass, and burn fat. Using proven fat blasting ingredients, mixed with multi stage release proteins you have a sound base to lose fat and to stay full for longer.

If you opt to use the product as a meal replacement, then make sure you take in a safe level of calories throughout the day.


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