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Beta Alanine 500g

Beta Alanine 500g

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Key Factors

  • 100% Premium Grade Beta Alanine Powder
  • Help Delay Onset of Fatigue
  • Promote Muscle Mass Development

What is Matrix Beta Alanine?

Matrix Beta Alanine is a 100% pure version of the illustrious naturally occurring amino acid. Beta Alanine shot to fame amongst bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts alike due to research showing its ability to increase lean body mass, strength and muscular endurance. Matrix Beta Alanine is truly one of the most versatile sports supplements currently available.

How will Matrix Beta Alanine benefit you?

Beta Alanine helps to buffer lactic acid build up in the working muscle groups allowing you to maintain strength and power levels for longer periods, ultimately delaying the onset of fatigue which promotes the development of quality muscle mass.

Who is Matrix Beta Alanine ideal for?

Matrix Beta Alanine is perfect for individuals who want to get the most out of every session and increase muscle size and strength.


Ideal Time To Use

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Close Beta Alanine
Close Consume 1 (one) scoop (5g) with 50-300ml of water or fruit juice, ideally before your workout.

Due to the fact Beta Alanine can cause a tingling/flushing sensation on the skin we advise that the serving is consumed earlier on in the day with food to avoid sleep disturbances.

We recommend cycling Beta Alanine supplementation, consuming for 4-9 weeks then cease using Beta Alanine for the same time period before using again.
Close Per Serving (5g)
Beta Alanine 5(g)

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