Range Guide: Diet & Fat Loss

Thursday, 24th May 2018

Range Guide: Diet & Fat Loss

People try and lose weight for all kinds of reason. The challenge can still seem as insurmountable, whether you’re doing it because of doctors orders, or maybe just because you've got a holiday around the corner. Proper diet and exercise are the most important aspects going, but with some fat loss supplements, such as diet protein powders or fat burners, you can give yourself that extra edge.

Diet Protein Powders

At Matrix, we think it is important to offer a choice of diet powders, to suit both different needs and different budgets. Our best selling diet protein powder is Diet Whey Matrix, which combines myriad protein sources, with several fat burning components. Diet Gold takes Diet Whey Matrix, and elevates it to a higher level. With a greater protein content, and a lot less in the way of carbs and fat, this is the ultimate diet protein powder we offer, and without doubt our top pick.

Fat Burners

There is no magic pill when it comes to weight loss. But fat burner pills and drinks will give you a big step up, and there are a great number to choose between. What you go for all depends on personal preference! Some people like the intense impact of our T5-XT Extreme fat burner pills, whereas for many, our Night Shredder non stim fat burners are the go-to choice.

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