About Us

Who Are We?

Since 2007, Matrix Nutrition's mission has been to provide loyal customers with superb quality effective sport supplements and accessories at an affordable price.

We are a small, dedicated and knowledgeable team working in the UK, where all our own-brand Matrix Nutrition products are prepared, packaged and despatched directly to you.

What you see is what you get!

Our research into the latest developments in sport nutrition and supplements means we are striving to provide you with the very latest, most effective products on the market. All our products are clearly and accurately described and labelled. Most carry a Certificate of Analyses so that you can be 100% sure about the products you are using.

Every ingredient is carefully sourced and we only use exacting specifications of nutrients. We carefully test and verify every product, in house, before we introduce them into the production and packaging phase.

The Matrix focus

At Matrix we devote all our resources to creating great tasting, great performing products.

We don't spend hundreds of thousands a year on advertising and stuff to boost our own egos. We let our products speak for themselves, and pass this saving on to you.

Matrix Prices

The truth is, the core ingredients in sports supplements are all commodities. This means no matter which manufacturer buys them, the prices are largely fixed. So why do supplements vary so much in price and how can Matrix smash the price barrier?

The difference in price has little to do with the cost of manufacture and a great deal to do with company overheads like advertising, salaries and the margin that has to be built in to the products price to enable resellers to make their cut too. These can easily add 50% to the price of a product. A more expensive supplement does not always mean a better supplement.

At Matrix we devote all our resources to creating great tasting, great performing products. We don't spend hundreds of thousands a year on glossy ads in men's magazines, or sponsoring celebrities or events, we let our product and our prices speak for themselves and rely on word of mouth and repeat business. In addition, Matrix is exclusive to us and a select few retailers, so we don't have to build in a margin for other resellers.

At Matrix we spend our time and money on the stuff that matters most and gets the best results - research and development.

The result is that you get a specialist product, phenomenal results and complete satisfaction at a breakthrough price, from a team that works as hard as we train, to stay ahead of the game!


Unlike some brands who use their own review system, or a method which doesn't require verified purchases, we use Feefo. This is 100% true as every review is genuine. You won't find fake reviews, so you won't find lies.

After a customer had made an order, they will get an email a few weeks later asking for a review. This gives them time to judge the product, and means that only paid up customers with verified purchases can share their views.


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