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Specifically engineered and balanced muscle gain supplements

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Size & Strength

Specifically Designed to help you pack on serious mass

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We have developed premium quality multi-faceted health aids

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We can help you lose weight fast in a variety of different ways

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Specifically engineered to cater to every individual & training goal

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Functional High Protein foods to maintain and develop lean muscle

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Food View All

High Protein Flapjacks x 24

Over 17g premium protein per 75g bar

Over 17g premium protein per 75g bar

37g carbs & only 1.3g sugars

Delicious Triple Choc flavour


RRP £39.99

Matrix High Protein Flapjacks x 24 - Chocolate Deluxe

Pancake Mix 1kg

Over 30g Premium Protein per serving

Over 30g Premium Protein per serving

Low GI Carbs

Versatile nutritious snack


RRP £27.99

Matrix Pancake Mix 1kg

High Protein Cookies x 12 -

30g Protein

30g Protein

28.5g Carbohydrate

Only 3.5g Sat Fat


RRP £37.99

Matrix High Protein Cookies x 12 - Double Chocolate Chip

Diet View All

Zepherine Fat Burner Pills

Thermogenic amplifier

Thermogenic amplifier

Fat Cell Mobilizer

Pre-Workout Stimulator


RRP £39.99

Matrix Zepherine Fat Burner Pills x 60

Pure Raspberry Ketones x 12

Natural fat loss supplement

Natural fat loss supplement

Enzyme Manipulation

Increase the metabolic rate


RRP £28.99

Matrix Pure Raspberry Ketones x 120

Acai Berry Green Tea Weight

Synergistic weight loss combination

Synergistic weight loss combination

High-strength antioxidant

Stimulate fat oxidation


RRP £24.99

Matrix Acai Berry Green Tea Weight Loss Tablets x 120

Protein Powders View All

Anabolic Protein Powder

80% Protein Content

80% Protein Content

Only 2.8g Sugar

Only 1.4g Saturated Fat


RRP up to £84.99

Matrix Anabolic Protein Powder

Alpha-Test 5kg

Testosterone Boosting Formula

Testosterone Boosting Formula

80% Protein

Size Up Formula


RRP £93.99

Matrix Alpha-Test 5kg

Anabolic Gold

Contains 86% Protein

Contains 86% Protein

Growth Hormone Support

4:1:1 Amino Ratio


RRP up to £89.99

Matrix Anabolic Gold

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